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With non-essential business outlets closed and limited distribution across the globe, business owners are devising new marketing and communication strategies during the forced home isolation. According to Nick Stickland (chief creative director and founder of Odd), businesses that continue communicating during these unbearable moments will be glamorized and remembered during the post corona-virus world. Let’s get started with new marketing techniques.

Engage Followers with Exciting Viral Challenges

In the past three months, social media has been flooded with viral challenges. For instance, Ganni motivated her fans to participate in the #GanniWFH challenge from 18th March. Reffstrup admits that the brand ran another creative challenge, #HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs, prompting followers to craft theme-inspired artwork.

Such brand challenges yield great returns since they motivate the customers at Home to create content rather than getting bored. This engagement promotes loyalty as well as long-haul relationships. They engage customers who might have overlooked the company since these challenges create a deep connection.

Create Video Ads

Video is among the major components of today’s marketing since most consumers like watching short one or two-minute clips before making their purchasing decisions. Although video shoots and marketing teams are costly, there are other tools to create inexpensive and results-oriented video ads.

A Smartphone camera can capture top-tier HD footage. After editing, entrepreneurs can utilize professional video apps such as Boosted to transform footage into fully branded, high-quality, fun clips.

Start Hosting Webinars

When this is conducted appropriately, small-scale firms can generate an overabundance of online web-based interest. Webinars are workshops performed through video feeds and sometimes provided to live audiences.

Webinars offer an unscripted and interactive way of providing insight to customers. The provision of valuable information helps businesses build trust.

Google Search Featured Snippets

SEO remains a critical aspect of digital marketing; however, there have been significant changes in the SEO industry in the last ten years. Appearing at the top in SERPs (search engine result pages) is no longer a fundamental objective for brands. Featured snippets and more ‘On SERP” data imply that users don’t have to click a website to acquire the information they are searching for.

On-SERP data can appear in multiple places, but most business seeks positions at the top of the page. This position is called ‘position zero’ since it’s the only details that a user will read.