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Covid, Core Strength, and Cardio
Cardio is a key part of living a healthy life. Whether it’s about losing fat, gaining muscle, or simply feeling less winded when walking up the stairs, cardio is the answer. That is not to say that everyone should start running marathons. However, movement of some kind that gets the heart pumping is necessary for better blood flow, building and maintaining strength for even the simplest of tasks, and keeping the organs functioning properly. This is also the key to keeping your core strong. Right now, most people are working from home. This often means slouching and poor posture come into play. From there, back issues and plenty of other concerns can arise. All of this comes from having a weakened core, so it is important, now more than ever, that people understand the importance of building core strength and how cardio can help.

One common concern that always comes up is time. Between work, school, and family time, there isn’t always much time left to squeeze in an entire workout. On top of that, right now during the current health crisis, gyms are closed and everyone is confined to their homes. So how can one possibly incorporate cardio into their daily life at a time like this? Luckily, trainers all over the world have been developing solutions for this exact problem. Some of the lighter movement suggestions include walking around your home (or outside if it’s safe to do so), parking farther away when going to the grocery store, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. But for those who are looking for something more, there are plenty of programs available. For example, trainer Ashley Joi has taken the lead on a four week long program dedicated to making incorporating movement into people’s lives easier. She even has workouts specifically created for core strength. The best part is that all of these workouts are under fifteen minutes. This workout in particular is only five minutes long, but that doesn’t make it any less effective thanks to her incorporation of compound movements.

So whether it’s going for runs or taking just five minutes to complete a core-focused cardio workout, strengthening the core has never been easier and more accessible.