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Scott Capelin


About Scott Capelin

Based in Sydney, Australia, Scott Capelin is an accomplished CEO and Founder who has successfully built and sold multiple businesses throughout his two-decade career in health and fitness. In addition to actively overseeing four businesses—inLIFE Wellness, inLIFE Coaching, Streamline Body Sculpting, and Fitness Concierge—he is also the Founder of Growth Club, a business consulting service. 

Prior to becoming a personal trainer and health and fitness expert, Scott attended the University of Wollongong where he graduated with a degree in Commerce, specialising in Marketing and Management. For a few years after university, Scott worked in a corporate role but quickly realized the career path was wrong for him in the long-run. Around the same time, his brother started working in the fitness industry and Scott, thinking it sounded interesting, decided to join him. 

After finding success as a personal trainer, Scott Capelin opened his first small business. He loved being able to build relationships with his clients to help them meet their goals, but he also immensely enjoyed being able to use his business skills to help maintain and grow his gym. His foray into the world of health and fitness was the perfect way to merge his passions. Scott is a qualified nutritionist, Master Pilates Instructor, NLP Practitioner, personal trainer, Life Coach, and holds a Degree in Commerce

Two decades later, Scott has built and sold a number of businesses, including ten health clubs and two beauty salons. His businesses have also gained national recognition, with one of the salons being a four-time recipient of Salon of the Year at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards. For Scott, the key to building a successful business is all about enjoying the challenge and being able to nail down the feeling you want your clients to take away from their experience. 

Scott Capelin is, to put it mildly, quite fascinated with culture and what it takes to develop a positive culture in a company. In all of his business ventures, he has strived to create environments where people can feel comfortable and welcoming while working out and improving their health and fitness. He also applies the same principle to his work as a business consultant, emphasizing the importance of relationship building and the role it takes in building a successful business. 

When he’s not hard at work, Scott takes the time to regroup and relax so that he can better show up for the people around him. He is a husband of 12 years and the father to three beautiful, smart daughters. Prioritizing family time, he enjoys taking his girls on long nature walks, out to breakfast or a casual dinner, or spending the day at the beach. The family is also a big supporter of movie nights in. 

To gain more insight from Scott Capelin and his experience with entrepreneurship, please visit his blog.